Our advantage over traditional middlemen

Traditional middleman is limited physically. In order to break out the limitation, we developed this resource matching AI(Artificial Intelligence) system “LAX-2018” to replace traditional middleman.


Traditional middleman (Human) LAX-2018 (Artificial Intelligence system)
1. Working hours Need to sleep, eat, relax, their working time is only 10-14 hours per day. Working 24/7 without suspension
2. Working efficiency Human brain is limited. They can match suppliers for tens of customers at a time, but they cannot match suppliers for thousands of customers. It could communicate with two million suppliers and customers at the same time.
3. Respond They cannot correspond overseas suppliers on-time due to time difference. It timely respond at any time.
4. Language Their mastered languages are limited. Language barriers for non-English suppliers. It supports 23 languages.